Credit Suisse launches new fund for responsible consumption

Credit Suisse and Lombard Odier have launched the Responsible Consumer Fund, which will invest in businesses that stand to benefit from the transition to a more sustainable economy. Investment decisions will be driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goal on responsible consumption and production.

The Responsible Consumer Fund will invest in businesses whose business models are responsive to the recent shift in consumer behavior and preferences toward sustainable products and services.

The fund is “targeted at investors who are keen to align their investing with the topics they are passionate about and which they may already be supporting today with their consumer wallet”, said Marisa Drew, CEO of the Impact Advisory and Finance Department at Credit Suisse.

The fund is also likely to appeal to “investors who see true value creation in backing those companies that are likely to gain market share by being attuned to the shift in consumer sentiment”.

Investment decisions for the fund will be driven by the UN’s 12th Sustainable Development Goal – responsible consumption and production – and it will invest in listed companies across Sustainable Food, Urban Systems, Supply Chains and Sustainable Lifestyles. Particular attention will be placed on addressing the whole value chain by targeting companies throughout the product lifecycle.

“Sustainability is a critical issue which will determine the long-term future success of companies and presents a real opportunity for investors,” said Didier Rabattu, Global Head of Equities at Lombard Odier Investment Managers.

The fund will be launched on November 25th with a three-week subscription period that started on November 4th. The fund is available in US dollars, euros, Swiss francs and British pounds.

Image credit: Mihály Köles via Unsplash

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