Costa Rica: 75 days on renewable energy alone

Costa Rica has broken a clean energy milestone by using 100 per cent renewable energy for 75 days in a row. Heavy rainfall was credited for powering the Central American country’s four hydroelectric power plants in the first three months of the year.

According to an article in the Independent, the country hasn’t burnt any fossil fuels to generate electricity since December 2014. 94 per cent of the country’s energy needs are currently met by renewables: 80 per cent from hydropower and around 10 per cent from geothermal energy.

The article reports that the government approved a USD 958 million geothermal project last year, a move that Jake Richardson of Clean Technica hailed because of the risk of being too reliant on hydropower.

“It’s good news that more geothermal will be coming on board, as there are obvious downsides of being too reliant on hydropower, especially run-of-the-river systems, which can be hindered by seasonal changes in water flow,” he told Science Alert. Droughts as well as the environmental impact of hydroelectric dams are also concerns, he added.

Costa Rica aims to be carbon-neutral by 2021, writes the Independent.


Photo credit: Kim Seng, flickr/Creative Commons (image cropped)

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