China boasts largest Passive House project in the world

Gaobeidian Railway City in central Hebei province is currently the largest Passive House project in the world. Comprising 330,000 square metres of certified Passive House buildings, it offers a mix of housing, offices and retail.

The Passive House industry in China is growing at a very fast pace as the country invests massively in the transformation to green technology, according to Wolfang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute.

“If Western industry doesn’t get on the train and really invest in green development and products, they will lose to the international competition,” he said at the 23rd International Passive House Conference, which was held in Gaobeidian in central Hebei province in October.

A good example of this commitment to the Passive House standard is the Gaobeidian Railway City development, a mega-project construction that consists of 330,000 square meters of certified Passive House buildings. Comprising 8 high rises, 12 multifamily buildings and 6 villas, it rivals the total square footage of all Passive House projects built in North America to date, according to an article on the website Passive House Accelerator.

“China is really showing that passive house is truly international and scalable. I came here skeptical and am leaving incredibly impressed,” said Bronwyn Barry of North American Passive House Network said at the conference.

Image credit: chuttersnap via Unsplash


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