But Beautiful: a film about people seeking a sustainable world

Filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer doesn’t make it easy for himself. In his latest film But Beautiful, he seeks the beautiful and the good, and shows people breaking new ground. What could a satisfying life look like? Is a “different” life possible at all?

The result is a film about perspectives without fear, about connectedness in music, nature and society, about people with different ideas but one big common goal: a sustainable world.

Women without a school education who build solar panels for villages all over the world. Permaculture visionaries on La Palma who transform wasteland into new greenery. A forester who creates the healthiest houses in the world. A mischievous spiritual leader  with essential messages and his Tibetan sister with a big heart for the young. A young jazz trio, an established pianist, a soulful Colombian singer, all of whom convey the sound of beauty to us.

But Beautiful connects them all.

After his controversial yet essential films We Feed The World, Let’s Make Money and Alphabet, which dealt with human attitudes behind the food industry, financial systems and education topics, the renowned and award-winning Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer now devotes himself to the positive. The focus is no longer on dysfunction and fatal social developments in the world.

For But Beautiful, he searched and found people and stories in a process spanning many years. The resulting film pays homage to vitality. A poetic composition of fascinating images and sounds that is triggering.

The book bearing the same title by Erwin Wagenhofer and Sabine Kriechbaum will be published by Antje Kunstmann in the autumn of 2019.

In Switzerland, But Beautiful will screen as of 21 November 2019, with previews on 19 November.


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