Audi makes e-gas more accessible

The car manufacturer Audi is offering customers of its e-gas cars a special offer: vehicles from its new g-tron fleet will run for three years on its climate friendly e-gas but at standard natural gas prices.

Audi is currently exhibiting the A4 Avant g-tron and A5 Sportback g-tron at the IAA in Frankfurt, the latest models to join Audi’s range of eco-friendly g-tron fleet.

While its A3 Sportback g-tron has been on the market since 2014, Audi is taking clean mobility up a notch by supplying climate-friendly Audi e-gas to its customers as a standard for three years but at the price of standard natural gas. According to an Audi statement, the offer is available to all customers who order one of the three models by 31 May 2018.

The German car manufacturer and its partners produce the Audi e-gas in several processes and facilities in Germany and other European countries, including Audi’s own power-to-gas plant in Lower Saxony. The process uses three electrolysers powered primarily by surplus green electricity to spilt water into oxygen and hydrogen. In the subsequent methanation process, the hydrogen reacts with CO2 to create synthetic methane, or e-gas-

According to Audi, the g-tron models cut CO2 emissions by 80 per cent compared to gasoline models in the same performance category. Even without e-gas, owners of g-tron models would benefit from the low costs of natural gas — and they reap the benefits of a lower motor vehicle tax thanks to the fleet’s lower CO2 emissions.

“Our g-tron fleet enables us to fill the gap in climate-friendly long-distance mobility,” explained Martin Sander, Germany sales director at Audi AG.


Image credit: Audi AG

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