Ask Pharrell what young creators can do to affect climate change

Multi-award winning musician Pharrell Williams, author of the global hit “Happy”, has called on the international community to tackle the dual challenges of climate change and youth unemployment.

“I believe that climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, one that threatens our very existence on Earth,” says Williams in a video address to the ILO’s World of Work Summit that this year focused on climate change, ahead of the UN Conference on the issue in Paris this December (COP21).

“We’ve also got another serious problem on our hands: millions of young people who don’t have jobs, and don’t have access to the education and skills they need to get them,” he adds.

Williams calls on the key players of the world of work ‒ governments, employers and workers ‒ to ensure that green, decent jobs are right at the top of the agenda when the world meets at the climate change conference at the end of the year.

Williams is the creative director of “Live Earth ‒ Road to Paris“, a series of concerts around the world in support of action on climate change, in partnership with the United Nations and former US Vice-President Al Gore.

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