Artificial tornado cleans up waste incineration

A facility that uses an artificial tornado to reduce the residue created by waste incineration plants is undergoing testing in Liechtenstein.

Waste incineration creates great quantities of sludge that end up polluting the environment in landfill.

Now, a company in Liechtenstein is working to solve the problem.

Aiming to make waste incineration more efficient, LPT AG from Ruggell has developed the facility Phönix WT, which acts like a tornado.

Phönix WT can pulverise, sterilise and dry the filter sludge and furnace slag that result from waste incineration.

The process filters out particles from the sludge, which would otherwise end up in landfill.

The drying process also reduces the amount of sludge and its weight, facilitating the transport of the material from the waste incineration plant to the landfill site.

The facility is now undergoing six months of testing in the waste incineration plant in Buchs/Sennwald. Its operators will then decide whether Phönix WT can be implemented into waste recycling in the long term.

Given the stricter regulations for waste recycling that will come into force in Switzerland in 2020, the facility could be an interesting solution, explained a statement.

According to LPT CEO Jörg Thurner, it would be difficult to achieve this goal with traditional methods.

He said: “The advantages of Phönix WT include energy efficiency, space requirements and speed.”

LPT filed a patent for Phönix WT in 2017. The development has received financial support from the Swiss Climate Foundation since 2014.

Photo credit: Jaroslav A. Polák/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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