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The Good Planet Foundation, which brought us the film Planet Ocean by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, has launched a free application for smart-phones called “Planet Ocean.” It allows everyone to consume seafood products in a sustainable manner, making them a key player in the protection of the ocean.

Credit: Good Planet Foundation

Credit: Good Planet Foundation

Sustainable fishing implies that it is compatible with the long-term survival of the species. The techniques used and the quantities of fish caught must be planned out in accordance with the biology of the species and the impact on the marine environment.

Some questions to ask yourself when consuming fish are: What type of fish am I eating, and where does it come from? Is this species under threat? Is it wild caught or farmed? Which fishing method was used? Now that might seem a little overwhelming as you’re standing at the fish market, so to take all the hard work out of your decision making, why not use the Planet Ocean app?

It offers information on the least threatened marine species and promotes sustainable fishing, listing 100 species of fish and shellfish according to their origin, the state of their stock and their fishing techniques. It guides consumers in their choice by helping them identify species managed in a sustainable manner. This free app was developed in partnership with OMEGA and in collaboration with SeaWeb Europe.

Photo credit: Good Planet Foundation

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