Amsterdam to ban all gas and diesel cars

The city of Amsterdam will ban all gas and diesel cars from its streets as of 2030. Public transport and taxis will have to go all-electric from 2025.

Amsterdam has unveiled the Clean Air Action Plan to fight air pollution, and one measure in particular is receiving international attention: all fossil fuels used in transport will be phased in just over ten years from now. And from next year, diesel cars that are older than 15 years will be banned from driving within the ring road surrounding the Dutch capital.

From 2022, the city will only allow C02-free tourist buses and public transport vehicles to enter the city centre. Beginning in 2025, all gas and diesel buses, taxis, trucks and delivery vans will be banned from driving into the entire area within the motorway ring road. The same applies to the city’s canals: by 2025, only CO2-free ships and boats will be permitted.

Under the Clean Air Action plan, all traffic – including private cars – driving within the built-up area must be emission-free by 2030.

To encourage the transformation towards electric mobility, Amsterdam plans to expand its charging network for electric vehicles by installing new rapid charging stations while at the same time give preference to electric vehicles when allocating parking spaces. The city also announced that it will help individuals and companies switch to CO2-free vehicles by offering subsidies.

Amsterdam’s traffic and transport measures are part of a wider national strategy, which will ban the sale of gas and diesel cars in the country from 2030.

Image credit: Retinafunk via Flickr

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