3D printed house could revolutionise construction

The world’s first 3D printed house in Amsterdam could change the face of the construction industry. The architects behind the innovative three-year project hope it will demonstrate solutions to global housing problems.

The 3D Print Canal House is the first in the world, according to Amsterdam-based DUS architects who are behind the project. The innovative trial, which began earlier this year, is located on a site that is open to the public. It will demonstrate waste reduction through the use of bio plastics that are based on rapeseeds, and can be melted down and reused. The so-called KamerMaker, an on-site 3D printer 10 times the size of an ordinary one, will print the plastic pieces for the full-size canal house.

According to DUS architects, the project will research how printing techniques can offer affordable solutions to housing questions worldwide, particularly in slums or disaster areas. It will also look at how designs can be shared and modified via new online networks. Once complete, the 3D Print Canal House will become a hub for innovation.

Photo credit: Erwin Verbruggen/ CC BY-SA 2.0

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